A note from Sarah Michaelson :

Fighting cancer is a passion of mine. My experience with the disease....my grandfather passed away from cancer, my father lost his battle, and my mom is currently fighting the disease. All of this, including so many others I've met touched by this disease, has inspired me to help with their fight.

The last seven years we have had amazing success; thanks to each of you we have raised over $175,000 in the fight against cancer. This year, which will be year 8 of our campaign, we think we can achieve even more in the Inland Northwest, but we need your help. Please show your support of the Community Cancer Fund by buying and wearing a t-shirt, liking our Facebook page, sharing with your friends and family, or making a donation.

All proceeds from the BELiEVE t-shirts will be donated to the Community Cancer Fund to fight cancer in the Inland Northwest by funding local cancer prevention and screening programs, support cancer patients and their families at every stage of their illness and recovery and fund groundbreaking local research.

This is our project, and one of many ways we are trying to raise awareness about cancer. We BELiEVE there is a cure for cancer. We BELiEVE the cure for cancer will be found. We BELiEVE we need to help those affected by cancer. We BELiEVE we need to be a part of the change in people's mindset about cancer.